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Very much a self-proclaimed “writer of the ordinary man,” Mal Foster was born in 1956 and grew up in Camberley, Surrey before moving to nearby Knaphill in the late 1980s. He had left school just before his sixteenth birthday in 1972 to help support his single mother and younger brother. Around this time he began writing poetry, and indeed, his first poems were published soon after.

Now semi-retired, he counts his time as a local journalist as a career highlight. 

Mal has just published his sixth novel, the intriguingly risqué, ‘The Story of Virna Babineaux’, which is attracting five star ratings on Amazon, Goodreads and across the various social media platforms. 

All titles are available in paperback and e-book formats. A hardcover version of 'Fluke's Cradle' is also available.

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Contact : malfoster1956@gmail.com  

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 Mal Foster's Definitive Poetry Collection 

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Latest comments

10.11 | 18:11

Great book, really resonated with me being I am from Knaphill. I was aware of the residual energies & hauntings in the local area, being psychic. It confirmed a lot. A true sad story of wrong doing.

23.04 | 12:33

Just finished reading the Asylum Soul. Living and working in Woking Brookwood was well known to me I also knew people who worked in the hospital. The book was one I just had to read, fabulous book.

22.02 | 10:29

Can't wait for Fluke's cradle. Mal's writing goes from strength to strength.

21.02 | 14:49

I look forward to Mal's next book, Flukes Cradle. Roll on publication day. If it's riveting, read as the others, I'll be first in the queue.

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