An Invisible Nemesis

Reviews: 'Addictive, Awesome, Compelling'

Reviews: 'Addictive, Awesome, Compelling'

When a Princess Diana look-a-like goes missing just three weeks before the death of the real princess in 1997, suspicions of a conspiracy implicating the UK government, the intelligence and security agencies and the Sicilian mafia begin to unfold. 

Over twenty years later, Jack Compton is a freelance reporter who is on the trail following the murder of Suzanne Camilleri, a fellow journalist on the beautiful Maltese island of Gozo. 

Jack believes that Suzanne, his good friend and former colleague at a now defunct national Sunday newspaper had been in receipt of recent evidence linked to the missing woman which could expose one of the biggest cover-ups in cross-national modern day history. 

Protagonist Jack is out to unravel the Maltese connection and make sense of why Suzanne was killed so brutally. He also needs to watch out for himself. 

No.1 Top 100 All Fiction Chart

ISBN : 978-0244791131 - First published June 2019 by Frigsake Publishing/ 

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What people are saying...

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this book: from the beautiful Maltese setting and journalism background to the conspiracy theory surrounding Princess Diana’s death, it is a completely addictive read.” 
 - Michelle Emerson 

“If you only read one book this year, make it Mal Foster’s amazing little masterpiece, ‘An Invisible Nemesis’. It’s superbly written with believable characters that you can almost reach out and shake hands with. The book is not just compelling; it’s a wholly enjoyable read and is most certainly his best work yet!”  - Jacqueline Cornthwaite

“Just finished reading ‘An Invisible Nemesis’... Wow... I couldn’t put it down. Brilliant, I was totally immersed.” -  Carolyn Whitfield

“Oh my goodness. I finished reading this book within a matter of just hours. An Invisible Nemesis is a true page-turner. As the reader, I was fully engaged in Jack’s search to discover the truth. I am a fan of conspiracy theories and mystery novels and this is just that - A tale of conspiracy, murder and deeply interlinked characters. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Gozo, (Malta) an island with a fair few intriguing and deadly secrets. What a wonderful read, it kept me captivated until the end. Jack is a fantastic character, a true sleuth journalist. Again a 5* read, and a perfect sequel to Fly Back and Purify.” – Emma Foy

“Great read. Go and get yourselves a copy... (and) I am loving your work, Mr Foster... you are such an inspiration!" – Trudi Fletcher

“I was intrigued from the start of the book following (protagonist) Jack Compton on his travels. In fact, hearing about the places in Malta has inspired me to go and see them for myself. The storyline is compelling, making me try to guess the outcome throughout. One thing for sure, I want to go on Jack's next adventure whenever that may be. It’s a great read!” – Janette Prowse

“Not my usual read but really impressed. Well done.” – Louise Harley

His (Mal Foster's) books are always really well done! He's a fantastic author and it's always a pleasure to read his books! Check out the rest of his work! - Lindsey Taylor

“An Invisible Nemesis is the compelling new novel by Mal Foster that kept me guessing who the perpetrator could be all the way through the book. The story is set in Gozo in Malta which is a place I have never visited but Mal describes the area so beautifully, I felt transported there each time I picked up the book. The main character Jack Compton, gets involved in some interesting and sometimes dangerous situations as he tries to get to the truth of who killed his friend and colleague Suzanne. Jack's reasons are partly professional as he is a journalist and wants to be the first with the 'scoop' but mostly personal as his feelings for Suzanne were so strong. There are some really interesting characters in this story and a lot of humour too. And as is Mal's gift, historical facts in the book are well researched. Well done Mal!” – Annie Wheeler

"Another masterpiece!" - Debbie Asituxeer

"I really enjoyed it and loved the unexpected twist at the end... EXCELLENT!" - Martin Durrad

“Brilliant author! - His (Mal Foster’s) books are always really well done! He's a fantastic author and it's always a pleasure to read his books! You must check out the rest of his work!” – Linds Taylor      

"Another great book. It was hard to put down until I'd finished reading it, and my mum loved it too. Can't wait for the next book now!" - Simon Brown

"Well done, I've just read 'An Invisible Nemesis', Fantastic!" - Rosalind Hill-Watts

"Full of twists and turns, at times you felt that Jack would not find out the truth about who murdered his friend. Luckily he did. Having been to Gozo several times it was good to visualise the locations, it was like walking in Jack's shoes whilst investigating... I always enjoy finding a new author. This is a gripping read!" - Jane Johnson

"Just finished reading An Invisible Nemesis, absolutely loved it!" - Annette Walker

"Wow, I'm so impressed!" - Sue Mackender

"It's a good read!" - Mary Anne Camilleri

"When I started reading 'An Invisible Nemesis' it got me hooked straight away. A fully enjoyable book. Well done Mal Foster!" - Fred Inwards

"I've read it, couldn't put it down, it's brilliant!" - Pat Leeming

“A tale of political intrigue within location and circumstances themselves awash with intrigue. This story takes the reader into a world that is only visible to one (in this case journalists, authorities, and criminals) are aware. Reading this book, I enjoyed the journey taken by the protagonist investigative journalist, as he tries to uncover a web of secrets and lies - conspiracy and murder plots. As a former investigator myself, I found the story’s process both credible and poignant. An excellent read. Definitely recommended.” - Gary Fellows

"A very good read... Perfect!" - Jeannette Sale-Smith

"This is a beautiful book by a very talented author. Cleverly written and populated with some wonderful and intriguing characters. 'An Invisible Nemesis' really does represent the very best in Indie Publishing. It’s an awesome read!" - Fiona Browne

“Oh Wow! This sent a shiver down my spine.” – Fran Spong

"It's a great read, folks!" - Adrian Corbett 

“I’ve just finished reading Mal Foster’s ‘An Invisible Nemesis’. It’s a good read!” – Phil Stubbs

“This book is really good. I love the way the identity of the killer is ‘hidden’ right until the end. Brilliant!” – Janette Thomas

"Just finished reading (An Invisible Nemesis), really enjoyed the book." - Andrew Franklin

“I finished reading An Invisible Nemesis on the 12hr overnight train journey from Moscow to Yoshkar-Ola, I just couldn't put it down. The book is now in the library of the "Greenwich" English language school in Yoshkar-Ola, owned and run by our great friend Екатерина Ерофеева, the book will now help assist her students to read English.” – Paul Clark

"Just finished reading 'An Invisible Nemesis', it's very good." - Sue Stocker

"An Invisible Nemesis... What a brilliant and exquisitely well written and detailed story!" - Mady Joshi

“It's a thrilling tale of conspiracy and murder with a very surprising twist. You won't be disappointed.” - Ola Napier Satankova

"I bought it and read it within two days. Really enjoyed it." - Chris Grillo

"A brilliant read. It was so good, I couldn't put it down. Well done Mal Foster!" - Helen Naughton

"A good book!" - Jane Rainford

"I read this book and couldn’t put it down. A great read, just like Mal Foster's other novels. I would recommend this book to anyone." - Tricia Jackman

"It's a very good read!" - Jude Browne

"A cinematic novel. Mal Foster's 'An Invisible Nemesis' reads as if it should be optioned at the table of a Hollywood scriptwriters’ meeting." - Glenn Louis, Publicist 


Gozo News

January 2019

An Invisible Nemesis: A tale of conspiracy and murder on Gozo

An Invisible Nemesis– is the title of the latest novel by Mal Foster. A tale of conspiracy and murder predominately set on the island of Gozo.

It tells the story of a Princess Diana look-a-like who goes missing in Venice, Italy, in 1997, just a few short weeks before the death of the real princess.

The book’s protagonist, investigative journalist Jack Compton is on the case following the brutal murder of his former colleague Suzanne Camilleri.

Mal Foster said about his latest novel, “My priority was to write something completely different from what I had done before. I also wanted to write a novel that was against the grain, something that would separate my story out from other so-called conspiracy theories.”

Mal Foster was born in Farnham, Surrey 1956, and now lives in Knaphill near Woking.

He produced his successful debut novel, The Asylum Soul, in 2015. His second book, Fly Back and Purify, a paranormal drama, was published in 2017.

Also an established poet, his work has appeared worldwide in a number of anthologies, newspapers, magazines and across the internet.

A former local journalist, he is an avid fan of progressive rock music but turns to the late Canadian singer/songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen when pressed about who and what inspires him.

An Invisible Nemesis is available in paperback and Kindle from and

Note: The above article also appeared via News Malta - (Reproduced: Courtesy - Gozo News)

Writing Magazine

August 2019

"Having just completed my thirdnovel, An Invisible Nemesis I think now is the perfect time to look back and reflect. Indeed, if someone had said to me just five short years ago that I would sit down and write a novel, I would have politely laughed at such a wild remark," says author Mal Foster.

"Fortunately, despite my early reservations, writing, publishing and then finally promoting my books has been an engaging and enjoyable experience which despite a few minor knock-backs has given me the confidence to carry on writing and ultimately produce my latest work.

The concept for An Invisible Nemesis remained on the back-burner for quite a while as I concentrated on other aspects of my writing. My first novel, The Asylum Soul is a historical tale of incarceration set in 1929 while my second offering,'Fly Back and Purify'is a paranormal drama set around a mysterious incident at a railway station in 1994.

Set predominately in present day Malta, well, Gozo to be precise, my latest novel is a story of conspiracy and murder. My priority was to write something completely different to what I had done before. I also wanted to write a novel that was against the grain, something that would separate my story out from other so-called conspiracy theories.

Only time will tell if the story works, but early feedback from professionals who have had privy to the final draft of the manuscript prior to publication, have used such words as “addictive” and “awesome” in their reviews and that’s encouraging!"

An Invisible Nemesis is available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

(Reproduced: Courtesy - Writing Magazine)