Jude & Bliss

In the Victorian era, for many young women, going into domestic service was a significant source of employment where they found suitable work but with extended hours for a reasonable salary, receiving free accommodation as well as enjoying the perks and prestige of working for the aristocracy or other members of the upper or middle-classes.

As a matter of course, employers had a moral obligation, but one without a legal requirement to ensure their servants were kept clean, healthy and well-nourished. However, for one poor girl, that, unfortunately, was not the case.

In 1896, Jude Rogers, a wide-eyed but vulnerable sixteen-year-old from Woking, Surrey, secures a position as a domestic servant at a large terraced house in Half Moon Street, near London's Piccadilly. Following a brief settling-in period, she quickly realises everything is not quite as it seems. As time moves ruthlessly forward, what happens next is almost beyond comprehension. Jude finds herself in the most impossible of situations and finally succumbs to the pure evil dealt out by her employer.

This story is NOT for the faint-hearted!  

ISBN: 979-8550129265 - First published 2020 by PublishNation

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What people are saying...

A message re: Jude & Bliss, from the iconic Rock/Pop singer and actress, Toyah Willcox

"This book is set in Victorian Surrey and London. The detail in the writing makes you feel very transported back into the era, the descriptions of my hometown of Knaphill and Woking are of the same quality as they were in 'The Asylum Soul' giving you a real feel for the era and area. This book gripped me from the first page, a tragic tale, with many twists and shocking revelations. If you are a fan of mystery and intrigue, this book does not disappoint. Another great gripping novel from Mal Foster!"  -
 Emma Foy

"Awesome! - If you love historical fiction, then you'll love Mal Foster's new book, 'Jude & Bliss.' - Lara McNamee, Radio Woking.

"Just finished reading 'Jude & Bliss', a great read!. All Mal Foster's books are excellent reads!" - Simon Brown

“Great job.  Just finished Jude and Bliss. Great book. Wish you all the best with your writing.” – Gwen Bailey

"This is the second book I've read of Mal Foster's, and I've discovered he has a real knack for bringing his characters to life. I am looking forward to reading the rest of his books. What a heart-wrenching story. If you like such tales depicting the Victorian era, read on. Mal describes personalities and details with lovely sensitivity, making the book a pleasure to read. I love feeling that my imagination is entwined with the storyline. Thank you." - Lesley Smith.

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful novel!" - Lelita Baldock, (author & blogger)

"In ‘Jude & Bliss’, Mal Foster has created an atmospheric world, that avid readers of historical fiction will want to return to again and again. A wonderfully creative novel, rich in character and setting." - Brenda Jackson (Editor)

"His (Mal Foster's) best book yet!" - Jude Browne

"A great author and excellent storyteller. I couldn't put this book down." - Amazon Review

"Oh my God, I'm hooked... Well done Mal Foster!" - Paula Wilkinson 

"Excellent book. Very well written and such a tragic story. I have read all Mal Foster's books and I think he writes very well. I look forward to the next one." - Joan Calder

Jude & Bliss 2021 Virtual Book Blog Tour
04 February ~ 8 April

Jude & Bliss 2021 Virtual Book Blog Tour
04 February ~ 8 April