Fly Back and Purify

Recovering from a serious psychological meltdown, local journalist Jack Compton gets his big break. In July 1994, an ‘unusual incident’ occurs at Brookwood railway station in leafy Surrey and he’s sent to investigate.

What happens next is a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of implosion that will either make or break him. An event so strange that even those around him cannot explain or comprehend. But with Jack... is it all just a state of mind? 

"A must read for everyone!"
 - Daniel Blow

No.1 General Fiction - Top Ten Amazon Kindle

ISBN : 978 - 0244316082 - First published July 2017 by Publish Nation/

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What people are saying...

“A great read right the way through, it is cleverly written and it answers a lot of questions from ‘The Asylum Soul’ although the book itself can be read just in its own right as a story. I am a disbeliever in the supernatural however this really got me thinking. More great characters build through the book and there are some great ‘laugh out loud’ lines. If you worked in the 90’s before the PC revolution you’ll love it too. Thoroughly enjoyable read. The local references to Woking and the Surrey surrounds made it very personal for me but again, it wouldn’t detract for someone not local.” – Paul Scott

"Such a good book, I was hooked. If you like reading, you should get this book, I highly recommend this, it's fabulous reading!" - Trudi Fletcher

"I enjoyed this more than the first (and that was good!)" - Jude Browne 

"Absolutely amazing!" - Tricia Harding

“Very enjoyable! I fully recommend this book. It was very interesting and enthralling. I will certainly be buying Mal Foster's next book,” – Gwen Bailey  

"Mal Foster has a knack which puts readers in a position to share the honest thoughts and feelings of his main characters. Fly Back and Purify is no exception. I was rooting for Jack Compton all the way." - Frances Jefferson 

"An easy, enjoyable read." - Paul Maynard

"Just finished reading Mal Foster's Fly Back and Purify. Couldn't put it down, brilliant"' - Maureen Boultwood

"Five Stars. Best book in years for me. Loved the story!" - Graham on Amazon

"Easy to read and great to find out what happened to Tommy after The Asylum Soul. I would recommend to anyone who grew up around Woking (Surrey) - A great book!" - Fuina Tilbrook

"A great book! Thank you Mal Foster." - Ivy West

"I really enjoyed it, a nice read. Settings I know and the ending made great sense to me as well." - Giles Sanger

"Fly Back And Purify,' a fabulous 'sequel' after The Asylum Soul... Thank you Mal Foster, please write another!" - Sue Bevan

"I bought the book the first day it came out. I really enjoyed it and loved the unexpected twist at the end." - Tony Polak

"Another brilliant book!" - Becky Barnard 

“Compelling read with a captivating storyline. It was hard to put down."  -  Jane Johnson

"Five Stars! This book is just what I needed." - Angie Smith 

"There is something about this book that I really loved. The author’s working of the characters made me feel like I was somewhere in the pages with them. The story is fascinating and the paranormal angle, unique and interesting. The whole thing left me wanting more.” – Jacqueline Cornthwaite

"Best book of this month!" - DB Readbook website (September 2017)

"Just finished reading Fly Back and Purify. Excellent story, brilliant!" - Peter Black

"Intelligent people will 'get' this book, it's classic cult material." - Jess Newman

"Great book... I couldn't stop reading it until the end... and now my mum is hooked!" - Simon Brown

"Fly Back and Purify is a good read." - Edd Saunders

"Got the book in the post this morning... Very good read. I didn't put it down until I had read it all." - Jeannette Sale-Smith

"Great book, great read." - Val Howlett

"Very well written.' - Wanda Sullivan

“I was totally enthralled with this book after reading The Asylum Soul, I got really taken in with the whole story and couldn't put the book down, it took me on a journey that I didn't want to end. I fully recommend this book as it’s a very entertaining story. Truly a must read.” – Janette Prowse

"It's a brilliant read, a very good story, I couldn't put the book down!" - Wayne Thomas

"Well worth a read... EXCELLENT!" - Martin Durrad

“Feeling emotional, just finished reading Mal Foster’s new book, a must read for everyone!”  – Daniel Blow 

"Fly Back and Purify, such a brilliant piece of writing. Well done!" - Fiona Browne

“I had to read this, as it’s set in the place where I grew up and in a time I knew about. The book will always have a special place in my heart.” – Elizabeth on Goodreads

"Just finished reading Mal Foster's new novel 'Fly Back and Purify'; loved it. Looking forward to the next one." - Richard Storey


Woking News & Mail - July 2017

Author's Second Novel Published

Published in July, Woking-based author Mal Foster's new novel Fly Back and Purify is a psychological/paranormal drama set in 1994. Since its release, the book has already reached No.1 in the general fiction chart and has attracted a number of five-star reviews at and elsewhere.

Recovering from a severe psychological meltdown, young local journalist Jack Compton returns to his job at the (fictitious) Woking Tribuneafter a twelve-week period away.

In July 1994 he gets his big break. An ‘unusual incident’ occurs at Brookwood railway station in leafy Surrey and he’s sent to investigate.

What happens next is a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of implosion that will either make or break him. An event so strange that even those around him cannot explain or comprehend. But with Jack... is it all just a state of mind?'

Fly Back and Purify by Mal Foster, whose debutThe Asylum Soul accumulated numerous five star reviews on Amazon and at Goodreads, is now available from and in both paperback and Kindle formats or can be ordered from all good shops.

Mal told the News & Mail,“Following the success of my previous novel,The Asylum Soul, I was always a little apprehensive about releasing my second title. I’ve often used writing for therapeutic reasons mainly to escape from life’s sometimes harsh realities. I needn’t have worried though; early feedback has been very kind and I’m pleased that readers are connecting with the characters in the book. To gain a No.1 chart placing is obviously a very pleasant surprise, and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has bought the book so far.”

(Reproduced Courtesy Woking News & Mail)

Writing Magazine -October 2017

"I believe there is a valuable therapeutic benefit to be gained from writing and this is something that I have always used as a way of coping with life’s often unpredictable challenges," says author Mal Foster.

"Whilst writing my second novel,Fly Back and Purify,I experienced one of the most beautiful periods of my life, quickly followed by perhaps my darkest ever spell. Seeing the light of day is something we all take for granted so it’s quite ironic and unnerving that I have inadvertently chosen the backdrop of mental health for both of my novels so far.

My first novel The Asylum Soul is set in 1929 and tells the story of a young man who was incarcerated because he had a simple speech defect which these days would be easily treated through elocution therapy. Fly Back and Purify is set some years later in 1994 and tells the tale of young local journalist Jack Compton.

Jack is now back at work at the ‘fictitious’Woking Tribunefollowing a psychological meltdown brought on by his marriage split from the wayward Kazkia. He’s then seduced by the newspaper’s editor Nancy Salem who is described as a scruffy, man-eating, chain-smoking eccentric.

Eventually Jack gets his big break after an unusual incident occurs at a local railway station and he’s sent to investigate. What happens next is a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of implosion that will either make or break him. An event so strange that even those around him cannot explain or comprehend. But with Jack... is it all just a state of mind?

Some of the key characters in the new book are the descendants of those in The Asylum Soul which connects the two titles."

Fly Back and Purify 'came outin July 2017 in both paperback and e-book formats and is available from or

(Reproduced - Courtesy : Writing Magazine)


October 2018

Mal talking about Fly Back and Purifyand his new writing on Radio Woking with Zahir Ahmed and Jackie Witney -LISTEN