Getting publicity for a book once published is the hardest part of the process, as most independent authors are not marketing experts. In truth, we would just like to get on with the business of writing our next novel.

Fortunately, so far, I have been lucky with the promotion of all my books, having seen them featured in magazines, newspapers and on the radio.

Please click on the book title(s) below. You will be taken to each novel's designated page where you will discover more about the book, find out what people are saying, and be able to view all the press cuttings.


The Asylum Soul

Woking News & Mail, Surrey Advertiser, Writing Magazine, Brookwood Magazine, Radio Wey, Radio Woking, Surrey Hills Radio

Fly Back and Purify

Woking News & Mail, Writing Magazine, Radio Woking

An Invisible Nemesis

Gozo News (Malta), Writing Magazine

Jude & Bliss

R&A (Round and About) Magazine, Writing Magazine, Knaphill Magazine

Fluke’s Cradle

Woking News & Mail, Writing Magazine, Knaphill Magazine

The Story of Virna Babineaux

R&A (Round and About) Magazine, Woking News & Mail

Social media is also an important tool for promoting my novels, and without Facebook and Twitter, self-marketing would have been almost impossible. It remains to be seen what Meta’s new platform, Threads, can offer.